Varifocal lenses vary considerably in quality. The designs have improved dramatically since they became popular in the 70’s, the original designs suffered distortions and narrow zones of vision. strange as it may seem these early designs are still available and can be seen in buy one get one free offers and the like.

Far safer to trust a branded product with up to date design features such as our Varilux range. This is the trademark of our supplier Essilor – the inventors of varifocals, the website is worth a visit.

Essilor have several designs which range from the entry level Varilux Liberty through to premium designs such as Varilux Comfort, Varilux E and now the Varilux X. All of these can be ordered in thin and light versions and have scratch resistant treatment as standard.

As Varilux Specialist opticians we are well qualified to supply Varilux in all its forms.

Reflection Free

These lenses also vary considerably in quality. Beware the unbranded coatings, they often peel prematurely leaving lenses in a dreadful state.

We use Essilors’ award winning lenses, the Crizal range as standard , they have a 2 year warranty but we rarely have to make a claim.

Top of the range is the Crizal Forte’ lens which reduces reflections,smudges,scratches,dust and water – the enemies of clear vision.

Transitions for sun protection

Lenses that darken with the light are available in Brown, Grey and now Grey/Green. The new Transitions Xtractive are extra dark in the sun but crucially also partially darken when driving.